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 Don't go down the Oregon Trail

We handed this to the BMA's Representatives as they went to their meeting


"In 21 of 114 Dutch cases where the original intent was to provide assisted suicide, doctors stepped in to give a lethal injection when things went badly." Problems with the medication have repeatedly been reported in the press but never appear in the official DHS Reports. What else aren't we allowed to see? [The OREGONIAN, Thursday, March 10, 2005] [http://www.oregonlive.com/pdfs/special/oregonian/asst_suicide_stats.pdf]

Shipman would have had a Field Day.

"The Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) has no regulatory authority or resources to ensure compliance with reporting requirements."[American Medical News, 9/7/98]

"The law contains no penalties for doctors who do not report prescribing lethal doses for the purpose of suicide." It is the same in The Netherlands,there it is estimated that nine hundred people are killed every year by doctors without having asked to die. [International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Six Years Of Assisted Suicide In Oregon].

Making the Unacceptable Acceptable.

Recording reasons why people wanted to and did die means that those reasons automatically become acceptable for anyone else wanting to die and their doctors. [See our website]


Since 1997 45 of the 208 people who died early used inadequate pain control as one reason for wanting to die. Yet in the footnote of the annual report it says that patients discussing these concerns were not necessarily experiencing pain. So fear of pain is already enough [http://www.oregonlive.com/pdfs/special/oregonian/asst_suicide_stats.pdf]

We have travelled from the Home Counties this morning and are unable to stay for the vote.
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Don't go down the Oregon Trail

Don't go down
the Oregon Trail
it's full of lies, cheats
and falsifications.

This is America's experiment in Euthanasia.
To ensure its success
the reporting is unchecked
and rigged.