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WillToLive.co.uk argues against the necessity to legalise assisted dying and euthanasia. It will also highlight the damage being done by the 'right to die' camp to the way disabled people are regarded.

The main reasons given for the legislative changes or attempted changes to make euthanasia legal across the globe are to increase severely sick and disabled people's freedom and autonomy. Yet the changes are only giving these in death because that group had neither while they were alive. If freedom and autonomy were available to them throughout the time they were sick or disabled they wouldn't need to seek an early death.

Appropriate palliative care can deal with almost all pain and suffering that illness can cause. So pain and suffering are no longer justifications for euthanasia providing adequate training and resources are available.

Western society goes to war - sometimes - with the perpetrators of ethnic cleansing and denounces bigotry and prejudice, yet with the same breath it sanctions; genetic screening, selective abortion, medically assisted suicide and euthanasia for their most vulnerable members which appears to demonstrate an unacceptable duality of standards.

Life is short and precious. Given adequate care, medication and equipment anyone can live a fulfilled life, continuing to contribute to those around them regardless of illness or disability.

Whatever you believe now, please have a look around.