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 What is at the top of these steps?

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Hospital waiting times reduced

More hospital beds available

Pension crises averted

Lower taxation

Government targets met

There are two bills going through Parliament NOW.


 The Mental Capacity Bill

 The Assisted Dying
(for the Terminally Ill) Bill

Unless they are stopped in their tracks we will have


NO DISABLED PEOPLE - they may have been suffering

NO ELDERLY PEOPLE - they have been suffering

NO NO PALLIATIVE CARE - nobody to need it

NO ABUSE CASES - the abused must lack capacity to let it happen

Times online reported The Law Commission have now published their recomendations on 'mercy killings' See 'Partial Defences to Murder.'

Please spend some time looking at the issues on what these Bills are attempting to do. Here are some useful links.

We are all going to die sometime. Do we really want help to do that quicker or should we be striving to live life to the full?